Ashley & Henry

Vow Muse Services: Custom Ceremony, Officiating

Adventures feel bigger and wilder when you’re falling in love. Ashley and Henry met while working for AmeriCorps, and over the years had all sorts of unique living arrangements: in a 400 square foot studio to being half a world apart. This couple wanted a ceremony that reflected their down to earth, very human natures.

An excerpt from their custom written wedding ceremony that was officiated by Alicia in Marin, California on October 12, 2013:

When your relationship spans years of living together in tight quarters, years of living in separate countries, and the possibility that one or both of you is doing a job that leaves you covered in mud at the end of the day, you are certain to find yourself asking the other person “Guess what?” and appreciating where the answer takes you. (. . .) Ashley and Henry learned that having an adventure with someone you love creates a weird paradox. On the one hand, having someone around who you can do things with and talk to makes the world safer and more comfortable. On the other hand, adventures feel bigger and wilder when you are falling in love. It was in this paradox of comfort and chaos that they developed deep feelings for each other.


An engineer by trade, Angie is a writer at heart whose well woven words can be seen in her innovative food and travel blogging when she’s not penning wedding vows and ceremonies. Her supreme attention to detail, organized mind, and communicatively affirming nature make it easy to be open with her throughout the collaborative process. Read More About Angie

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