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Real love isn’t always perfection, as Gwen and Cory know. Their real love is not only knowing that individually they are not perfect, but that despite that, perceiving each other as pretty dang close to it. This couple wanted a “serious with moments of light-heartedness and a mention of bicycles” ceremony.

An excerpt from their custom written wedding ceremony that was officiated by Alicia in Guerneville, California on May 18, 2013:

“As individuals, we don’t always see ourselves with clarity. We wake up, yawn, stretch, look in the mirror and things can get a little distorted. Sometimes we don’t like what we see because of the simple things, like bedhead. But other times we get hung up on bigger things – bad consequences that came from good intentions, or being weary from general over-introspection. Hanging out with yourself, day in and day out, doesn’t give you much of a chance to take a step back and get an accurate image of who you are.

And that is what’s amazing about having a partner: they show us who we really are. When we feel as though maybe we weren’t the best version of ourselves, our partner reflects back that we actually were. When we feel we are failing or have already failed, our partner is capable of pointing out successes that exist and seeing any dips in the road as a means to an end. The right partner – the right love, really – reflects who and what we can be, and who and what we really are, even through our flaws and through our own self-perception of flaws.

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Liz Caruana Weddings 

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