John & Allie

Vow Muse Service: Custom Ceremony

John and Allie’s love grew over years of long-distance relationship, and has blossomed into a lifelong promise never to leave each other’s side now that they are together. Their custom written ceremony, delivered by Allie’s happily married brother-in-law, focuses on their unique history, and their love for the law and literature.

An excerpt from their custom written wedding ceremony:

I hope my presence here is a symbol to the couple before me that marriage isn’t just good – it’s great. No wait. It is astounding. Marriage is everything you imagine and nothing like what you can believe. As Joan Didion said, “Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.” And in this seemingly ordinary instant, John and Allie, your lives are changing. This is your extraordinary instant.

You are at this extraordinary instant because of your love for one another, which grew through getting to know each other over math study dates, communicating throughout a long-distance relationship, and finally being able to enjoy one another, in person, on a daily basis. You are in this extraordinary moment because of time, which is the common school from which we all learn. In your case, time let you learn about each other from both near and afar. It’s because of this history, this school of time, that you trust one another, know how to support one another no matter what, and have a very balanced relationship, where you are both equals.

An engineer by trade, Angie is a writer at heart whose well woven words can be seen in her innovative food and travel blogging when she’s not penning wedding vows and ceremonies. Her supreme attention to detail, organized mind, and communicatively affirming nature make it easy to be open with her throughout the collaborative process. Read More About Angie

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