Lauren & Charles

Vow Muse Services: Custom Ceremony, Officiating

As a writer, all Lauren asked is that her ceremony have a through-line. We gave their ceremony the theme of “Yes” and wrote this couple a wedding that was both traditional and slightly off-beat.

An excerpt from their custom written wedding ceremony that was officiated by Alicia in Southern California on June 10, 2012:

Today, Lauren and Charles are committing to an amazing relationship: a life together in which the only competition is how supportive they can be of one another, of considering each other and reciprocating kindnesses. Even more, they show this support through not simply saying “Yes” to each other when ideas are shared or goals are set. Lauren and Charles take each other’s dreams to the next level, stating “Yes, and…”, thus building on ideas and introducing each other to new experiences, helping each other to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Together, they help each other grow into people who are better than either would be alone.

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An engineer by trade, Angie is a writer at heart whose well woven words can be seen in her innovative food and travel blogging when she’s not penning wedding vows and ceremonies. Her supreme attention to detail, organized mind, and communicatively affirming nature make it easy to be open with her throughout the collaborative process. Read More About Angie

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