Marc & Alana

Vow Muse Service: Custom Ceremony, Officiating

Marc and Alana are an amazing couple who met while living abroad and then moved back to the United States together. They wanted their ceremony to capture their quirky natures and their humorous tendencies, and to make sure their audience was entertained.

An excerpt from Marc and Alana’s ceremony:

I think the older we all get, the more we realize that love isn’t exactly what they show in the movies. Love in real life is something far more subtle, and something far more fabulous. What Marc and Alana have is fun. It’s respectful and reliable. It’s silliness and laughter, and sometimes it’s compromise. It’s accepting and understanding, and it’s something that they both look forward to every night and every morning.

Today is so many things. It’s a ritual and a ceremony that people have done for generations, but most of all it’s a celebration. We gather today (dearly beloved) to witness and support these two truly wonderful people as they continue their lives together.

This is a formalization of what they’ve built in their time together, and it’s a good reason for the rest of us to get a free dinner. Thanks guys.

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