Marisa’s Wedding Vows

CC BY 2.0 Katsu Nojiri

CC BY 2.0 Katsu Nojiri

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Marisa is a very free-spirited, emotional person, and she wanted to her vows to Rob to reflect all the passion they share, even after 15 years together.

An excerpt from her custom wedding vows:

Rob, mi Corazon, it seems so appropriate that we met at a fireworks stand because mesmerizing explosions of sparkly light and sound exactly describe my feelings for you. It was 15 years ago when we had our fiery start, and my desire to be near you and my love for everything that you are grows stronger still. I love being around you. I love scratching your back every night. I even love not going to movies with you. I love the boy I met back at the fireworks stand, and I love the man you have become, as similar and different as they are.

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