Mitch’s Father of the Bride Speech

Vow Muse Service: Father of the Bride Speech

After giving away his youngest daughter, Mitch wanted to give a memorable father of the bride speech.

Mitch’s father of the bride speech:

Hello everyone, my name is Mitch Peterson and I am better known these days as the Father of the Bride, and a proud father I may add. I would like to welcome everyone and thank you for being here to celebrate Sasha and Joel’s special day.

Many of you have traveled from out of state and, in some cases even further, like my mother-in-law Pearl and sister-in-law Carol, along with our good friends Piper and Bobby Powers, who have traveled all the way from England.

It means an awful lot to Jenny and me that so many of you would give up part of your Easter weekend to celebrate Joel and Sasha’s very special day.

I would also like to thank Joel’s mother Bonnie and her husband Stan, Joel’s father Richard and his wife Camilla, and the rest of the Harper family for being with us today, and for welcoming our daughter Sasha into their family.

Certainly I would like to thank my wife Jenny for all her hard work in planning this wedding. Not one day has gone by in recent months that she hasn’t thought about this day.  Sasha and Joel did a lot of work too, and none of this would have been possible without the help of our wedding planner, Robin Babb. Thank you all – everything and everyone looks wonderful.

About a week ago I told my wife Jenny that I was starting to feel a certain anxiety; more and more I was filled with stress. I said to her, “I think all of this wedding planning is starting to get to me.” She looked at me and said, “Mitch!  You have had absolutely nothing to do with the wedding planning!” Okay, so she had a good point.

Well, about an hour ago, when I was standing at the top of that aisle with Sasha, it started to become clear where this emotion was coming from. Although you spend a lot of time thinking about and preparing for this day, there is really nothing that will prepare you for how you will feel as you get ready to walk your daughter down the aisle.

When I first saw her in that beautiful wedding dress, I had flashbacks of her running around as a little girl with her curly hair flowing behind her. She always enjoyed wearing cute little dresses that flared out like a flower, and she would spin and dance everywhere she went.

And now here she is in another beautiful dress, all grown up. She truly has become an amazing young woman, and now she is about to start a new family with this wonderful man who was waiting for us at the other end of the aisle, Joel Harper.

I swear it was just yesterday that she was a little girl, playing with her two brothers and her friends. Some of our favorite times were spent enjoying the long, warm summer days by the lake in Idaho; the kids looked forward to it every year. And every year as the summer would wind down, our boys would complain as the start of a new school year loomed on the horizon, while Sasha would eagerly ready her supplies in anticipation of the upcoming year. After taking her temperature to make sure she was feeling alright, we finally figured out that she just authentically liked school. I assure you that she did not get that from her father.

And now, years later, you could say that much of this hasn’t changed in a sense; she still loves her brothers dearly, some of her childhood friends are here with us today, and, true to her passion for learning, she is still in school. Despite her education still being sponsored by the everlasting “Peterson Family Scholarship,” she is on her way to a career in a field she’s been passionate about since middle school. For this, and much more, we are so very proud of her.

As a father you spend a lot of time worrying about your kids, and as the father of a daughter one of the things that you worry about most is boys. You know that eventually boys are going to start coming around – and they do, and you accept that. And then those boys turn into young men and show up at your house telling you they’re there to pick up your daughter… that’s when the worrying stops and the praying starts. I have to be completely truthful, in some cases I prayed the young man would never come back, but mostly I just prayed that the right young man would come into Sasha’s life.

And so it was a tremendous relief to meet Joel: an all-around great young man. Talented, smart – a DePaul graduate, in fact – creative, hard-working, gets along great with our two boys – all those excellent traits and so many more.

But what means the most to us, is the character, solid values, and the faith that he shares with Sasha. This, along with the respect and love that he has for our daughter, and how he shows this in his relationship with her and with us. These are the things that really matter most to a father, and are the reasons I am so immensely happy and proud to have had the honor of “giving away” my only daughter today.

As part of my speech I am supposed to give you some advice about marriage. Don’t worry, Sasha – I’ll keep it short and sweet, and I’ll even hold my tongue on the jokes. I think the best advice is simply to maintain your faith together, and to continue to give and receive support from the Church, your friends, and your family.  These are the things that will help you navigate through any tough times that you may face down the road, and the people with whom you will share all the joys that await you.

Joel, if Sasha brings half the joy into your life that she has brought into ours, your life will be filled with happiness. I wish nothing less for the both of you.

Everyone, please join me in toasting the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Harper.

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